Holiday Margs with Tommy

The new year, a time of reflection, a time of renewal, a time for more margaritas.

Let’s review:

Click here for a terrific, basic marg. Great for the new year’s gathering.

Click here if you’re a fancy pants with important friends or are important yourself, and willing to squeeze your own limes and are into top-notch margs at reasonable-enough cost. Damn fine stuff.

Click here if times are tough, like you live in a shack, a trailer park, or are still in college (five years down, only three to go…).

Wondering whom you should really trust for advice on margaritas? Well, I don’t like to brag, but don’t take my word for it — just ask the world’s greatest rock climber, none other than the nine-fingered man himself, Mr. Tommy Caldwell (and, yes, I promise to keep up the blog even after Hollywood calls). See what he has to say in this unsolicited video clip:

Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Holiday Margs with Tommy

  1. Man, you just made laugh non-stop. Fantastic. I watched the video as I am making a humongous roast with the meat marinated in tequila (try it sometime) and mustard potatoes for the new year celebration.
    Happy new year man!

  2. As a semi-professional filmmaker myself, I can safely say that this is the third best film I have ever seen. At first I thought there was something very French New Wave about “Holiday Margs With Tommy.” But after my sixteenth viewing, I realized that Kelly Cordes’s work is more reminiscent of early Fellini– except that Fellini didn’t write, direct, produce, art direct and STAR in his films. Kelly’s performance is nothing short of a tour de force. To put this in perspective for non-film enthusiasts: I saw Brad Pitt one time at a gas station, and this movie made me feel better than that.

  3. This is the single most retarded thing I’ve seen to date by “artist” Kelly Cordes. And once again, I’m left wondering if you truly have too much time on your hands. And I say that lovingly as your sister. I need to go do a shot of tequilla now just to numb myself to this ridiculous “philm.”

    • Don’t be jealous, sis, just because I’ve been hanging out with Hollywood agents all day. Besides, buck up little camper — if you work hard and say your prayers, maybe one day you, too, can have a career in film and TV. Keep your chin high, you can do it!!!!!

  4. Its like Blair Witch Project meets the Big Lebowski. It has it –all Production value — FEELINGS…

    Most margs are made with mixes these days and you still make yours manually.

  5. Fine, fine, you made a movie, but I had a real man marg with my brah who belayed this bro who hung with a dude in Camp 4 who bouldered with, okay near, Tommy Caldwell and that wasn’t Tommy in your “film.” Don’t mean to flame you brah, but I know Tommy and that ain’t Tommy (And *as if* you’re his neighbor. His fortress is way bigger than that place.). So dude I gotta call you on peddling poser smut.

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