Table of Contents

The Tower: A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre,
by Kelly Cordes. Published by Patagonia Books, 2014.

Part One

Chapter 1: Lost Time

Chapter 2: In the Beginning

Chapter 3: Toni, Toni, Toni

Chapter 4: January 2012


Part Two

Chapter 5: 1959

Chapter 6: Aftermath 1959

Chapter 7: Doubt, Rage, and a Gas-Powered Compressor

Chapter 8: Ragni di Lecco

Chapter 9: Body of Evidence

Chapter 10: Origins of Belief

Chapter 11: Poseidon and Zeus

Chapter 12: Cold Reality

Chapter 13: Blessed by Bridwell

Chapter 14: The Grandfather Clause

Chapter 15: Insight from Reinhold

Chapter 16: Examination of a Myth


Part Three

Chapter 17: New Patagonia

Chapter 18: El Arca de los Vientos

Chapter 19: Aftermath 2005

Chapter 20: Stop Making Sense

Chapter 21: Los Tiempos Perdidos

Chapter 22: A New Story

Chapter 23: The Democratic Republic of Cerro Torre

Chapter 24: Demystification of a Massif

Chapter 25: A Brief Commercial Interruption

Chapter 26: Contrast on the Southeast Ridge


Part Four

Chapter 27: Seven Days

Chapter 28: Aftermath 2012

Chapter 29: Everybody Has an Opinion

Chapter 30: Cesare’s Letter

Chapter 31: Growing Pains

Chapter 32: Alone with the Truth

Chapter 33: The Man and the Mountains

Chapter 34: Fact-Checking Interlude

Chapter 35: My Truth


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