About time I got some sort of website going, after years of lingering on the trailing edge of the industrial revolution.

Contact: My first initial and last name, all one string, no spaces, @yahoo.com

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice, Kelly. Can’t wait for more stories…
    My first Rockies trip was to the Canadian Rockies on a MSU study program (MI not MT)… went all over (I remember Edith Cavell, Robson, and many more) and immediately made plans to move to the Rockies upon my return

  2. Yea!!!…..It is about time and it looks good so far … you should post some of how to get into Alpine climbing stuff on training and motivating thoughts……keep up the good work.

  3. Looking forward to reading your writings. The stories are always the best and I want to hear some more ‘Kelly-ism’s’. Stay safe man

  4. Hey Kekky, Jim the translator from our China trip says hello. Just returned. Thinks I’ll send him your blog. Can probably get you more writing assignments. Hey, forty bucks is forty bucks, right?

  5. Yeah, we’ll see how all this goes. Thx for the support! George, pls be sure to say hi to Jim for me! Kekky…ha, no doubt, fun with the accents.
    Whoa, Kerry, you got to do a study program in the Rockies? Love it.
    Will be great to catch-up again sometime, Scott — looking fwd to it.
    Good idea, Brandon — kind of half plan to post such tips and ideas sometime. Time is always the issue, though. One of these days, months, or years!

  6. Hey Kelly, it’s me, Michele, we summitted Denali sooooo many years ago. Great to see your climbing pics and articles in the mags and now here. I heard you had pics of the summit that trip.
    I’d love to see them.

    • Michele! Great to hear from you, and great to see your site. Hope life is treating you well. I think I have some photos from that trip, indeed — I was such a train-wreck, and you were very kind to climb with me, but I think I at least managed a couple of decent photos. Key will be to find them…buried in a box of slides somewhere. Will see what I have and email you. Take care, Kelly

  7. A train wreck? Nawww, we got to the summit on a beautiful day! Actually I loved that summit climb–especially when I heard you ask me to slooowww dowwwnnn!
    Several years ago someone told me they’d seen me in a magazine or catalog in a photo you took–on the summit? that might help you find one. I’ll await your email.

  8. Just read your article on http://www.ukclimbing.com about Cerro Torro and couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m from Austria myself and have never felt guilty for that before – until now. That is just f***** up. and the worst thing no one here will ever hear the truth about that shit.

  9. Kelly
    I just finished The Tower. What a great, immersive read! I’m an OLD climber who never aspired to something as difficult as Patagonia, but thought I’d kept up with from afar. What a change in the last few years. Really great work! Nice web site too.
    Larry (AAC member)

  10. It’s 2021 and Missoula is, well, changing. I just wanted to say thanks for the book – it’s a keeper. Hope life is dealing you aces, Kelly.

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