Chasing the Holy Grail: Winter Climbing’s Glove Problem

Techie Alert…article published on climbing gloves for long ice and alpine routes:

Chasing the Holy Grail: Winter Climbing’s Glove Problem

By Kelly Cordes

For all the advances in gear, one clear, “last great problem” remains for the serious winter climber: gloves. What does everyone want? The holy grail, of course: Warmth, waterproofness, and dexterity. Just like we want gear that’s lightweight and durable, low-fat ice cream that tastes like real ice cream, and parties without hangovers.

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***Additional content (super techie alert now…):

While working on this article, I emailed several friends, all very experienced and better climbers than me. Gloves are truly the crux of the winter climbing system, and I got way into it, learning more about glove construction, limitations, possible solutions, all that. As I did, my first draft grew into a nearly 2,000-word beast that I had to cut to 750 words. In the long draft, I had excerpts from my friends’ replies to my asking about their glove systems. Many of the replies had some great info, tips that’ll help the winter climber. I’ve gotten their permission to run their replies here – many thanks, Duncan Ferguson, Will Gadd, Colin Haley, Kevin Mahoney, Raphael Slawinski, and Freddie Wilkinson! Click to read their replies.

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