Homemade podcast test

I’ve started messing around with audio — cutting edge stuff, and one of these days I’ll bet people will even use video cameras for storytelling — and recorded my “Like the Old Bull” post. I think this means I turned it into a podcast. Something like that. Might help you get to sleep, or even entertain while driving somewhere. Especially if you hate to read (“Reading is stoooopid.”).

Language warning, of course: rated R. Length: 5min, 18sec.

Audio Player:

Download (let it load, save it, put it on your phone or mp3 player and listen later):

Cordes podcast 1-8-11 (Old Bull)

6 thoughts on “Homemade podcast test

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Just wanted to say thank you for giving me some optimism and hope about my own recent pilon fracture due to fall while bouldering. I’m on the couch, recovering from 5 surgeries (two to put on and remove external fixator/three to fix pulverized bones). After seeing all kinds of depressing stats, your blog and your positive attitude made my (very long and boring immobile) day.I’m still not done reading all your posts, but I already feel like I’m buillding up my determination. Thanks!

    • Ever hear of a little someone called…Jaaaaaahwn Bouchaaaaaawd? Hmmm, beta on skiing the Black Dike. Might have to be another podcast.

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