Marg Recipe of the Week (Corralejo Blanco)

It’s been said that everybody is good at something, and that we all have a reason for being on this earth. Even me. And I’m damn good at one thing: making margaritas.

IMG_1758I’d initially, naturally, gravitated toward thinking I should make the first marg post my basic, quick & easy, lower-end, marg 101 deal – I’m typically all about enabling success through keeping expectations low. But when it comes to margaritas I don’t fuck around. We’re starting the margarita series with a good one. My friend Ryon and I perfected this recipe last weekend, I’ve done quality control (i.e. drinking it) this week, and it’s time to share – I’m doing my part to spread world peace and love through the art of margaritas.

Tequila: Corralejo Blanco

-I’d never tried it before, but it’s great. A little pricey for the dirtbag climber – I have few standards and am a cheap bastard, but I make exceptions for tequila and coffee – this runs about $30 for a 750mL bottle. I got the Blanco (aka, Silver or Plata), which I enjoy in good tequilas. Bonus: it’s typically cheaper than the Reposados and Añejos. Blancos have a more “raw” taste, like you taste the agave plant, as opposed to the more aged tequilas, which tend to be smoother and take on a little of the wood barrel taste. Advantage: In the cheap stuff, Blancos can be bad. In the good stuff, though? Love ‘em.

-From the bottle: “Blanco comes straight off our copper pot still and is bottled unaged. Don Leonardo calls Blanco ‘The Truth’ because it best captures the authentic character of the Blue Weber Agave that all our Tequilas are made from.” [I don’t know who in the hell Don Leonardo is, but I’m pretty sure he’s the man…]

Mix: Fresh Squeezed Limes and Homemade Simple Syrup

1. For the syrup, heat 1 to 1 sugar to water (i.e. 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water) – heat gradually, to just below a boil, stirring occasionally, then remove from heat. If it boils it’ll burn. The heat dissolves the sugar into the “simple syrup.” Put the warm pot inside a bigger pot of cold water, to cool it down while you:

2. Squeeze the limes. If firm, first roll them on the counter, under the pressure of your hand, to soften ‘em up. I like the hand juicers (you can always just cut the lime and squeeze purely by hand, ghetto style, but it’s messy). Don’t know how the machine juicers work, but I like doing it myself. (I keeps it reeeeal!) Seems that a medium lime gives about 2 oz. of juice, maybe a little less. Fresh limes are super acidic, so some sugar smooths it out.

3. Proportions: mix about one part pure lime, and maybe 2/3 or 3/4 part simple sugar. Play with it. That’s your non-alcoholic half. Great, pure, simple.

The Margarita:

-Half tequila, half mix. Key pointer: add a splash of OJ. Shake, salt the glass, ice, enjoy. Absolutely superb.

A couple of things to remember, for the uninitiated:

-Real men don’t drink blended margs. On the rocks, with salt.

-Shaken, not stirred.

-Oh yeah – I shouldn’t have to state this, but – no umbrella.

11 thoughts on “Marg Recipe of the Week (Corralejo Blanco)

  1. Thanks for the recipe! B & I are gonna try this one tonight. I picture Don Leonardo as a sort of Ricardo Montalbam character, though maybe a little smarmier, like Will Ferrel’s Robert Goulet.

  2. Yes Pouche, you are a cheap bastard. If you are willing to spend money on coffee then get on the program:

    It isn’t any more pricey than what you are drinking now and a hell of a lot better.

    If you use those pouchey pouchey puppy dog eyes I might even send you a bag gratis for review on your site along side the margs. But you better order up after that, pouche.

  3. Ah, Pouchey la Pouche! Been meaning to order some, actually. Someone raved about it the other day and it reminded me. I’ll order some and alternate between it and my local shop. Maybe you can come over to deliver and I’ll pour you this marg recipe, for your QC.

    Katie, enjoy! (And thanks for the good laugh in visualizing Don Leonardo!)

  4. Two things. You didn’t stipulate the appropriate vessel. To keep it real, do I still need to use a sawed off beer can? Secondly, do we need to take a field trip to Tahona next time in the ‘hood?

  5. ah, proper Margarita making. Great recipe! I’ll have to try that. I am even cheaper than you and when I feel laze (which is most of the time) I grab an Anejo Hornitos or Patron ultra (non of that white, silver or blanco stuff) and mix it with… this is going to be cheap… the Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix! Yes! It can’t get cheaper than that!
    But, when I feel more like a proper margarita then yes, I go for the $45 100 years old Patron with a mix of limes, lemos, sugar, filtered water and mint. All crashed and blended with ice and sure on the rim of the glass, ha!
    I love margaritas!

  6. Kelly, this post simply confirms it: your blog is undoubtedly my new favorite thing.

    Keep ’em coming! Glove systems, reflections on rack size (!), marg recipes — Don Leonardo would be proud.

  7. i dig it, uri! man, only thing, though, that cuervo mix…yowza! actually, i used to like it, but i’m pretty sure, though, that i’ve got a suggestion that’ll help you out — cheaper (almost sure) and definitely better: minute-maid frozen lime-aid mix. spend the extra 30 cents or whatever and get the minute-maid, rather than generic. AND, key — mix 2 cans water to one can mix. presto! it’s a great mix, the best i’ve found other than homemade with limes, etc. worth a try. lemme know if you like it.

    gracias, jason. i’m here to make Don Leonardo proud. maybe steve’s vessel suggestions could help us all make the Don even prouder!

    • Kelly, you are the man! I’m off to the store to get that minute maid mix. Yeah, I agree with you about the cuervo mix but sometimes I’m too lazy… I’ll let you know how it went.
      Have fun in Moab!

  8. I prefer it without the OJ personally (I forgot the OJ first time round). Not sure whether I got a decent bottle of tequila, but as a first effort (and first time drinking a marg) I have to say it tastes nice.

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