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Several options. Go with what works for you. Which somehow reminds me of a time when my SLF and I were at Indian Creek, and some friendly young climbers next door were deciding what to climb next. “Do you think I should lead this pitch?” the chick asked the dude. She seemed apprehensive. “I think you should follow your heart,” the dude replied. Was sweet and funny at the same time.

  1. In my book, probably best is to order the book directly from my publisher, Patagonia. They helped me get started writing when, back in 2002, they published my field report “Ring of Fire” (I’ll try to dig it up). I’ve been writing for them ever since, and they had enough faith in me to take on this project. They’ve believed in my writing when others didn’t, myself included, and I’m grateful.
  2. Other booksellers have it, too, including Amazon, where it’s gotten great reader reviews. If you have a bookstore you like, please support them.
  3. If I can figure out payment logistics (probably PayPal or snail mail), and then how to get my gimpy ass to the post office, perhaps I’d sell copies. I could sign ‘em if folks wanted, but the book looks pretty nice if I do say so myself. I’m not sure it’s right for my scribbles to muck up an otherwise nice page. I figured it out. See below.

Ordering wise, as with so many other things, I think you should follow your heart. Most of all, I hope you like the book.


kc - book (LR)Buying the Book from Me (a.k.a. Kelly’s Bargain Basement Book Warehouse)

First off, it doesn’t bother me at all if you get the book elsewhere. Buying direct from me probably only makes sense if you want a signed copy, but we don’t see each other often enough for me do it in person.

I’m truly just eager for you to read the book. I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate that people often think they’re doing the author a favor by buying direct, but in the end it doesn’t make much difference to me – I’m not gonna get rich off this shit. I’ll still have to work, slaving away in the hot sun, tryin’ to put food in my babies’ mouths (er, wait, I don’t have kids. Gotta buy good tequila. Could be a payment option).

Please contact me first, to be sure I have books left and that I’m around. I travel a lot. But if I’m home, I can usually send it the next day. My email is first initial last name, all one string, at yahoo. Facebook message works fine, too.


  • Cover price: $28. That’s for a nice, clean copy.
  • But with my signature: $25


  • About $5 for U.S. shipping, via USPS 3-Day Priority Mail

In case you’re bad at math:

  • Total: $30

International: It might be smarter for you to buy it through a bookseller, as they can usually ship for less than the post office charges me. For example, I sent a book to New Zealand and postage cost $24. But if you really want one from me, you can cover the shipping costs.

Payment options (if we don’t run into each other often):

  • PayPal or Venmo. Easiest options. If you have an account with either, it’s free.

If you don’t have PayPal, there are ways you can still use it, like with your credit card, but they have some fees involved with that method. Please cover those fees yourself, rather than checking the box that pawns them off on me. Otherwise, your signed copy will be inscribed “Ya cheap bastard.”

  • Check. I’ll take your word that it’s in the mail and send the book right away. Contact me and I’ll send you my address.


Shipping Details: I use a USPS 3-Day Priority Mail envelope and reinforce the corners with tape. This service includes a tracking number, and takes three days to most U.S. locations. I looked into media mail, and it’s a couple bucks cheaper but usually much slower. Plus, with media mail I have to package it myself, and I’m lazy. Priority Mail it is.

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