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  1. Hi. I met you on your way back to the States. Thank you for the term “American peso” (been shopping here). I thank you and the Greeks. Next time, try the Interlaken area. There’s a climbing guide book to get you started called “Schweiz Exteme Band I” put out by Fildor, that can be complemented with a “Schweiz Plaisir” for the region, all put out by Filidor. (http://www.filidor.ch/) There’s everything there, from single pitch to the famous Scheidigwetterhorn (25 to 30 pitches) and all the wonderful alpine climbs, Eiger, Schreckhorn, and so forth. Oh, and Wendenstock, reputedly one of the most beautiful cliffs in Europe (I’d like to go, but have to find some balls and a willing partner. The husband has stomach problems just looking at it). The only problem with the region is that it’s a rain magnet — if it rains somewhere in Switzerland, it’s raining there. Anyway, it was nice meeting you. Ciao!

    • Hey Ericka! Presume you caught your flight — me, too. Nice talking with you, and thanks tons for the info. Sounds incredible by Interlaken. I’ve heard of some of those climbs, they sound so so so fun. Tons to do in Europe. Next time, maybe I’ll have to hit Interlaken and the Dolomites. No shortage of stuff to check out! Take care, Kelly

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