Full Value (“Sketchy Kelly”), Alpinist #28

Alp 28 FV_95-96(final)(jpg)


Alp 28 FV_95-96(final)(jpg2)

2 thoughts on “Full Value (“Sketchy Kelly”), Alpinist #28

  1. Hey, Kelly. I just wanted to say thanks for the stoke. Your blog, your personal appearances at our ice climbing festival, your writing, your attitude, etc. (You and I have spent some time together in Michigan. My name is Bryan DeAugustine, I carry the bags for the pros when you guys and gals teach intro to ice.) You are good for the sport and good for the human race. (I bet your high school counselor never thought anyone would type those words.) Keep it up, Kelly. You have a lot of fans – for lack of a better word – in our small little piece of the greater climbing community. Cheers.

    • Dang, Bryan, that’s so nice of you — thank you. Really appreciate the kind words, and my pleasure. It’s all fun stuff. Hope you all are getting set for a good winter up there — such wonderful people in that area, your folks’ ice fest is always so much fun. Keep up the good attitude yourself, and take care. Kelly

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