Margarita Mondays Special Edition – The Beergarita (swill version)

The boys at Sitting Stone recently started doing Margarita Mondays, which apparently deteriorated into Evan Williams bourbon Monday, and somehow I got blamed. I’ve never even met these guys, but I’m honored and I suspect I’ll soon be hearing from their parents. So I might as well get my money’s worth – this week’s marg recipe comes on Monday, and goes out to the Sitting Stone crew. As far as I can tell, they go to Reed College in Portland – hmmm, of the famed Portland Rock, where the Mayflower landed on Thanksgiving, from my last recipe? And Reed is my middle name…see, it really ties the room together, does it not?

Background: Recently some friends and I enjoyed some of my famous basic margs until Jake Martin, who, as far as I can tell, generally has very low standards in alcohol, asked if I’ve ever mixed beer into my margarita – does the Pope wear a funny hat? Two of the greatest inventions of the 20th century? Why yes, as a matter of fact I have. So in the name of diversity and all things that are good, we switched to the Beergarita. We went with a more authentic Mexican style, one that I’ll save for another post. Besides, Jake just wouldn’t stop talking about how horrible Jose Cuervo is – OK, so he has some standards – but it’s not that bad if you don’t drink a gallon of it at a time mixed with random, undisclosed quantities of swill beer (Sitting Stone crew, take note…). As with so many things, the Beergarita can range from rank to pretty good. I’m not sure that it ever gets truly good, like good marg good, but it has its place. For now, and with all respect to the Sitting Stone guys, we’ll go lowbrow. Lowbrow has its benefits, like that you can only go up from here (once your hangover leaves).

So here we go, the Beergarita, college-days version:

1. Tequila: Jose Cuervo Gold (acceptable only if you’re in college or a trailer park; otherwise, please be civil and use Hornitos), two parts.

(Note: No triple sec or OJ needed – we’ve got beer!)

2. Mix: one part Minute Maid frozen concentrate Limeade mix, two parts…

The Danimal, back in the Almighty Shack, ca 2001.

2a. Beer. PBR (remember, this is the shackboy version). You actually don’t want a dark beer for this, anyway. Pour in a bunch, but not too much. Most online recipes have it nearly all beer with just a little tequila. Lame. Here, we’re basically substituting beer for water, making equal parts beer and tequila. So, two parts beer. Or three, more or less.

I guess I’m not really sure how much beer to put in there. By the time the night has shifted to Beergaritas, I usually can’t remember. Proportions depend on factors too numerous to mention, but maybe the Sitting Stone guys can get back to us with their recommendations. And anyone else brave enough for the Beergarita, post up your results. Give it a go. As they say: Man up, it’s Monday.

4 thoughts on “Margarita Mondays Special Edition – The Beergarita (swill version)

  1. Come on kelly, we’re talking about Portland Oregon here.
    I can’t wait to give this a swill, I think you pinned the tail on the donkey with this one.
    Time to man up-

  2. right-on, Reed crew! see, indeed you guys — or at least your Portland brethren — played a role in that initial Thanksgiving day in 1776 when peace and turkey and margaritas (maybe beergaritas…gotta brush up on my history) ruled the day.

    ok, then.

    Uri, did you dare? i dunno, man, just not so sure what to think on the Beergarita. i suppose it has its place, as these guys showed.

    Stonebhikku — the Danimal (aka my “shack brother” — we were roomates in that no-heat, no-water shack for a year) saw the photo of *your guys’* living room, or kitchen, or whatever it was, and told me that you guys are clearly “Shack brothers from another mother”

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